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Reading for Their Life Book Study Bundle Pack

Alfred Tatum
Foreword by Michael Smith

ISBN 978-0-325-02921-4 / 0-325-02921-0 / 2009 / Bundle
Imprint: Heinemann
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Grade Level: 6th - 12th
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"It's not just about their literacy. It's about their lives."  —Alfred Tatum

No reading strategy, no literacy program, no remediation will close the achievement gap for adolescent African American males. These efforts will continue to fail our students, says Alfred Tatum, until reading instruction is anchored in meaningful texts that build academic and personal resiliency inside and outside school. That's why Reading for Their Life is an ideal text for book study groups and PLCs who want to make profound, important change in the literacy and the lives of adolescent African American males.

Click here to see Alfred talking about his book.

"African American males are not engaged in a great conspiracy to fail themselves," writes Tatum. "They continue to underperform in school as they wait for educators to get it right. Join Alfred Tatum, study Reading for Their Life in a book group or PLC, and strive for “a way to squeeze enabling texts for every ounce of possibility they contain for advancing the literacy development of African American adolescent males."

How This Book Is Organized

I. The Urgent Need to Build Textual Lineages

1. African American Adolescent Males

2. Shaping Literacy as a Collaborative Act

3. Vital Signs of Literacy Development

II. Enabling Texts

4. Characteristics and Examples of Enabling Texts

5. Choosing, Creating, and Mediating Enabling Texts

6. Poetic Broadsides

7. Short Stories

8. Armed for Battle


A. Sample Lesson with Explicit Instruction and Text

B. Forty Engaging Texts for African American Adolescent Males

C. Texts Mentioned in This Book

D. Ten Enabling Texts with Starters and Essential Questions

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Alfred is featured in episode 5 of Tavis Smiley's Too Important to Fail, a report on reducing the dropout rate among African American males.

here for an interview with Alfred about teaching reading to African American adolescent males.

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