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The Digital Writing Workshop

Troy Hicks, Central Michigan University
Foreword by Penny Kittle

ISBN 978-0-325-02674-9 / 0-325-02674-2 / 2009 / 176pp / Paperback
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Grade Level: 7th - 12th
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We believe new technologies can advance both the teaching and learning of writing.” The National Commission on Writing in American Schools and Colleges,

The Neglected ‘R’: The Need for a Writing Revolution, 2003.

Years later and we’re still waiting to see how it can really be done.

The wait is over.

In clean, clear prose that unravels the labyrinth of new terms and applications, Troy guides us towards a writing workshop for this age. His steady, smart advice eases the transition between the elements of writing workshop we know matter to the tools that can take each to a new place, one comfortably familiar, but with a decidedly updated feel. And this man has his priorities straight. He focuses first on the writer, then on the writing, and lastly on the technology.”

Penny Kittle
Author of Write Beside Them

Troy Hicks holds sight on good writing workshop instruction. Where others have talked about new technologies and how they change writing, Hicks shows you how to use new technologies to enhance the teaching of writing you already do. Chapters are organized around the familiar principles of the writing workshop: student choice, active revision, studying author’s craft, publication beyond the classroom, and assessment of both product and process. In each chapter you’ll learn how to expand and improve your teaching by smartly incorporating new technologies like wikis, blogs, and other forms of multimedia. Throughout, you’ll find reference to resources readily available to you and your class online. He also includes a practical set of lessons for how to use wikis to explore a key concept in digital writing: copyright.

New literacies are developing around us at what sometimes seems like the speed of light. It’s hard to keep it all in focus. Let Troy Hicks guide you through the complexities of what it all means for your classroom so your students’ writing can grow right in step with our changing times and technologies.

Troy Hicks hosts a companion website where teachers are connecting, sharing ideas, and learning more about teaching digital writing in K-12 classrooms.

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Foreword by Penny Kittle


1. Imagining a Digital Writing Workshop

2. Fostering Choice and Inquiry Through RSS, Social Bookmarking, and Blogging

3. Conferring Through Blogs, Wikis, and Collaborative Word Processors

4. Examining Author’s Craft Through Multimedia Composition

5. Designing and Publishing Digital Writing

6. Enabling Assessment over Time with Digital Writing Tools

7. Creating Your Digital Writing Workshop


APPENDIX 1 Sample Lesson: Exploring Copyright Through Collaborative Wiki Writing

APPENDIX 2 The Digital Writing Workshop Study Guide



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This is the book that every English teacher in America should be reading. Troy Hicks takes the traditional writer's workshop, introduced by well-known educators, such as, Donald Graves and Nancie Atwell, and reinvents it to include the all important digital element. His ideas, thoughts, and rubrics are more than enough reason to buy this book. I was excited to find a book called The Digital Writing Workshop. The title alone inspired me, and I knew that this would be a book that would be an invaluable resource in my classroom.T. Seale

Hicks did a fantastic job providing step-by-step explanations and links to online tutorials so that almost anyone could learn how to use the technology. Brittany Ischia

Hicks's book is a great resource for writing teachers who want to take advantage of today's digital technologies in the classroom but have no idea where to begin.Holly Bibens

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