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Word Study Lessons with CD-ROM, Grade 3

Irene Fountas, Lesley University, Gay Su Pinnell, The Ohio State University

ISBN 978-0-325-01064-9 / 0-325-01064-1 / 2006 / Bundle
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The research is in, and it's conclusive: the single most important factor in students' reading success is a skillful, informed teacher. In particular, Phonics Lessons provides scientific information about the complex, intricate relationships between letters and sounds and the ways in which they work to support developing readers.

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Word Study Lessons: Letters, Words, and How They Work: Grade 3 includes:

  • Book of Minilessons
  • Teaching Resource Binder with Assessment Guide, Materials and Routines, Games, Templates, Picture Cards, and Letter/Word Cards
  • Teaching Resources CD-ROM

Each book is a complete Phonics and Word Study Curriculum for each of the primary grades. With 100 Minilessons for each of the three grade levels. You can use the month-by-month planning guide, the assessment checklists, and the lesson selection map to choose the lessons that align with your students' needs and the Word Study Continuum. The Continuum encompasses nine scientific categories of learning:

  • Early Literacy Concepts
  • High-Frequency Words
  • Phonological and Phonemic Awareness
  • Spelling Patterns
  • Letter Knowledge
  • Word Structure
  • Letter/Sound Relationships
  • Word-Solving Actions
  • Word Meaning

Each 4-page lesson includes:

  1. Professional Understandings
    Explanations of underlying principles research, and suggestions for working with English Language Learners
  2. 3-part Lesson plan
    • Teach Step by step instructions for implementing the lesson
    • Apply Application activities and routines for teaching them
    • Share Guidelines for reinforcing principles and helping children share their learning
  3. Follow-up
    Assessment links to literacy framework, extensions, and home connections

Learn more about Phonics and Word Study Lessons by visiting phonicsminilessons.com where you can review the table of contents, download sample lessons, read a passage from the introduction, and watch a lesson walk through!

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