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Case Study Student Reading Records: Benchmark Assessment System 2

An assessment conference in the Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System represents a child's reading at that point in time. Using standardized procedures and multiple leveled texts, the conference provides a reliable picture of the child's reading strengths and weaknesses at that moment. These case studies of progress monitoring with student reading records will help you examine ways of looking at individual progress and monitoring adequate progress over time.

» Section 5: Introduction to Monitoring Progress and Case Studies: BAS 2

Grade 3 Case Studies

A Khmer-speaking ELL student who is on grade level for the middle of third grade

Has strong accuracy/comprehension and the ability to self-correct effectively, but a slighly below-average reading rate

Grade 4 Case Studies

A fourth grade student who recently moved to the United States and has been learning English for 15 months

Grade 5 Case Studies

Has strong fluency scores and an excellent reading rate but has demonstrated difficulty comprehending nonfiction texts

Learning disabled, receives comprehension support from a special education teacher, and has been on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) since grade 3

Bilingual with limited exposure to English outside of the classroom

A reader at three different points in time

Grade 7 Case Study

Demonstrates strong accuracy/comprehension and the ability to self-correct effectively, but has a slighly below-average reading rate