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The Heinemann Fellows is a talented group of educators who wish to pursue the shared goal of advancing the teaching profession. Membership in the group is not a reward for past accomplishments, but rather an investment in an educator's originality, insight, and potential impact on the teaching profession.

Heinemann Publishing's primary purpose in establishing this group is to expand what we learn from practicing educators. Since our ability to advance the profession is tightly coupled with our understanding of the day-to-day lives of teachers, conducting a series of regular, intimate gatherings with a group of talented and reflective educators will influence our publishing decisions and ensure that we keep a finger on the pulse of varied classrooms and educator experiences.

Heinemann Fellows Chairperson

Ellin Keene Heinemann Fellows Chairperson

Ellin Oliver Keene is the author of Talk About Understanding: Rethinking Classroom Talk to Enhance Understanding, To Understand: New Horizons in Reading Comprehension, co-author of Comprehension Going Forward and of Mosaic of Thought: The Power of Comprehension Strategy Instruction, 2nd edition as well as numerous chapters for professional books and journals on the teaching of reading as well as education policy journals.

Ellin has been a classroom teacher, staff developer, non-profit director and adjunct professor of reading and writing. For sixteen years she directed staff development initiatives at the Denver-based Public Education & Business Coalition. She served as Deputy Director and Director of Literacy and Staff Development for the Cornerstone Project at the University of Pennsylvania for 4 years. Ellin currently serves as Director of Research and Development for the PEBC, as senior advisor to Heinemann Professional Development and works with schools and districts throughout the country and abroad.